The Event

AdventureLisa’s Ultra Fun Run & Relay is open to everyone. With the solo ultra and relay options, you’ll get a kick out of participating whether you’re a parkrunner or experienced ultra-marathoner.


This is for those who want to run the full 120km course distance themselves. Runners may be supported (their own support vehicle) or unsupported (we transport your dropbags to the four checkpoints on the route).


Teams can be made up of 2, 3, or 4 people. Participate with a group of girlfriends, running club buddies or active colleagues from the office and alternate runners throughout the course distance. In a pair it’s only 60km each, for a trio each person will cover 40km each and with a team of four each person only does 30km. Easy peasy! One support vehicle is required: self drive or bring along a dedicated driver.


This is an unsupported two-person team with one person on foot and one person on a bicycle. The two people rotate roles throughout the course distance.


Support vehicles are optional for solo entrants and compulsory for teams. Support vehicles are not permitted for run-bike relay pairs.